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Sunny Slope Rabbitry is now offering personalized grooming tables!

Effective 4/1/14 we are once again on hold with the grooming tables :/  Our work schedules have made it near impossible to complete tables at this time.  We are fiddling with the idea of possible getting out of making them altogether unless job hours will start to slow down and life will allow us some time to devote to making these tables.  For now I am going to leave this page up.  If you have interest in a table, you may contact us at to see if we are in a better place to be able to make a table for you.  Thank you to everyone who has purchased from us, and thank you for your understanding.


Always wanted a grooming table?  Looking for a unique way to get your rabbitry name advertised at shows?  We can help! Sunny Slope Rabbitry is now offering personalized grooming tables.  These tables are very lightweight and easy to handle. Table top measures 22x20x6, and has a storage compartment for your grooming supplies. Your choice of gold or silver hardware. Your choice of varnish color.  We can deliver these to shows we will be attending. Shipping is available, and based upon location.  For everything that we can offer, see below pictures and descriptions. If you would like to place an order or get a shipping quote, please contact us at or message me through the Sunny Slope Rabbitry page on Facebook .  To get a shipping quote, I need to know your zip code.  Shipping is based on weight and size of box.  I do need to forewarn that shipping is unfortunately NOT cheap and can easily range anywhere from 30.00 on the low side to as much as 60.00 on the high side. We use Fed Ex or UPS, all depending on which one is cheaper.  We can also deliver tables to the Green Bay WI areas, or to shows that we attend in the WI area.  Please see the pricing chart below, and scroll down the page for more details and pictures.



Standard Grooming table: $100.00 + shipping

Child's Grooming Table: $75.00 + shipping

Table top only: $75.00 + shipping

Personalization: $20.00

Business card holder: $5.00




When placing an order, please include the following information:

1.  Standard or child size table

2. Rabbitry name (if you want personalization)

3. Choice of gold or silver hardware

4. Choice of varnish color

5. Business card holder (if you want it)

For payment, we accept money order or Paypal.  Personal checks will be accepted as well, but please be advised no work will begin on the table until your check has cleared.  We do require 2-3 weeks to complete your table as these are worked on inbetween our regular jobs.




Standard Grooming Table:

Pictured below is an example of our basic grooming table.  Our tables are two pieces.  The legs fold completely flat for easy storage and transport. A carpet mat will be included.  Please do not request certain carpet colors, as we just include a basic carpet mat.  It's too difficult to try and accomodate multiple color requests:)  If we happen to have more than one color available, we will offer a choice of colors that we have on hand.  You will get a choice of gold or silver hardware.  You will get a choice of varnish color. A plain table with no personalization will cost $100.00 plus shipping.



Child Grooming Table:

Child sized grooming tables!!  These tables are perfect for children 9 years and under.  They are smaller, shorter, and easy to handle.  Table top measures 18"L x 16"W.  They stand 32" tall on the legs.  They include a storage compartment for grooming tools and carpet mat. Very cute!!  Your choice of silver or gold hardware.  Your choice of varnish color, or we will sell them plain and you can paint in your child's favorite color! The one pictured here was made for our daughter who loves the color purple;)  The cost for a child's table is $75.00 plus shipping.  




We can personalize your grooming table by adding your rabbitry name to both sides. Personalization is an additional $20.00.  What a GREAT way to be able to have someone find you at a show! We router your name into the wood and then it is painted in black so it will stand out.  We have gotten many, many compliments on this technique.  The lettering will not wear off or scratch/tear off.  It's permanently carved into the wood.  We offer a choice of the following font styles: 



Here is an example of a personalized table done in font #3, Monotype Corsiva. Please disregard the plaque that is shown on the top of the grooming compartment as due to certain paints no longer being available, we have just decided that at this time we are no longer offering this option.  Personalized tables will just have the rabbitry name in your font choice routered into the table sides, as shown below:



Example of table done in font #1, Bookman Old Style:



Varnish colors:

1)  Natural

2)  Special Walnut

3)  Golden Oak


Business card holder:

We can add a removable business card holder to the face of the grooming table for an additional $5.00.  We can install this on any of the tables we make. This allows you to not have to worry about the card holder getting crushed when travelling and loading/unloading your table.  Just slip it off, put it inside your storage compartment on your table, and when you get to the show you can just slide it back onto the face of your table and you are ready to go!  Here is an example of what they look like:


We have also noticed at shows that some people don't like to bring their legs for the grooming tables, and instead will only use the table top, placed ontop of their carriers.  If you would only like a table top made, we are able to accomodate that request.  Cost for only a table top is $75.00 plus shipping.  Shipping will be far less for just a table top as the box size is much smaller.